Heated toilet seat has been around in the eastern world for a long time. They have now steadily gained popularity in the western world. There are now many homes where we can find heated toilet seats. There is a plethora of advantages associated with using a heated toilet seat.

Benefits of heated toilet seat

In the morning and in the middle of the night especially during the winter season, the cold toilet seat sends a shudder through the body and makes it extremely uncomfortable to sit on the toilet. The heated toilet seat provides warmth and comfort. The problem associated with sitting on a cold toilet seat is rectified using a heated toilet seat. Moreover, for the people suffering from arthritis, the cold weather is a curse because it exacerbates the pain and discomfort. A heated toilet seat ensures that visiting the toilet does not become an ordeal, on the contrary it becomes a pleasant experience. Heat therapy is beneficial for the muscles. A heated toilet seat relieves muscle aches and discomfort. The temperature of the heated toilet seat can also be adjusted according to requirements.

Automatic Heated Toilet Seat

These toilet seats use minimum electricity for heating. They do not cause any kind of damage to the environment. Although electricity is widely used to heat the toilet seat, warm water can also be used by people to heat the toilet as a more economical option. There are many other options of conserving energy such as using timers to ensure that the toilet is heated when only in use. The toilet seat can also be wired with to electric bulbs in the bathroom in order to ensure that the seat is heated only when the bathroom is occupied.

Heated toilet seat can be installed similarly as a normal toilet. However, in case of complex installation process involving complex wiring methods to conserve energy, it is prudent to take the help of professionals.